From the point of time since we were child, it has been pompously implicit in our mind and instituted in our heart, as to various occasions by our guardians, preceptors and teachers that- Keep Patience, Be Patient enough, or Act Patiently and many more other similar instructions in general of that identical prototype only.

Off course, it is an tremendously common fact that neither of us has got guts or even dare to annoy our respective elders and teachers or lightheartedly to state that we are not in a position to even the score as we actually feel in our hearts. As a result, the thought of behaving with patience each time and along-with everybody is established inside our heart and mind into quite depth and in an especially good manner.

While during the itinerary of behavior with general people and also among our near and dear loved ones, the perception of always to keep the patience and behave patiently, hits our conscious mind ever and ever, even though observing moreover understanding quite evidently and efficiently the atrocious attitude of the person to whom we are in interaction.

On the other hand, we never ever had given the consideration that on more than enough of circumstances in our frequent and in general behavior, portrayal of excessive patience in prolong period can make us a patient!

We might not ever be having contemplation in our deep mind so as to many a time, too much compose of whatever thing results into decompose and decay of a product and it is sufficiently prudent enough for us to understand by the aforementioned example, that the product is no doubtingly our heart and soul or ourselves only.

At this juncture, a reasonably big question which comes up and strikes our mind is- As to what type of nature and with how much of severity, excessive of patience is sufficient enough to make us patient? And what may be its different varieties and forms through which it can hit our human mind or body in actual fact?

The answer is- Do not get so much hesitant enough to recognize that the different varieties and forms are like- Hypertension, Insomnia, Asthma, Depression, and Panic Disorder in association with Anxiety, Hysteria and many such complaints of same type. We are totally unaware that all these unwanted intruders come as an absolutely free gift in our body from the back door without of us having the least knowledge of the existence of these unwanted burglars.

While they come, these intruders or we can call them parasites, very much feel like a home in our body and almost immediately start planting their roots in our body deeply and later on along with time when we feel and get conscious of undergoing some irregular symptoms inside our body mechanism, than off course these intruders alias burglars are been diagnosed, also along with the hell of problem they had created within our body and made it hollow.

Actually the occurrence of all such type of ailments is in general very much associated with the category of life style we follow whether at our work atmosphere or while dealing and behaving with our beloved near and dear ones.

Since by and large, more than adequate of patience by undoubted means brings a feel of distress and lack of expression of thoughts, in our subconscious mind. It is often not probable for us to pay adequate attention and have the sense of hearing from everywhere and everybody with lot of patience and in a quite a well-mannered way, and expectation from us to effortlessly perform and behave polite with every individual to whom we are in cohabit.

In actuality, the genuine and true feeling and our inner views holds back and get suppressed inside us and in an unwanted behavior or better interpretation of it as artificial behavior as we have to get it do with every concerned person. Our original thoughts, expressions, persona and the real truth or real thinking is left with us only with the feel of blankness or incompleteness in our soul.

Hence here it is to be considered and think seriously, that too much suppression of inner and actual thoughts most of the time results in frustration and depression. The result may be off course as defined above in the form of various ailments and not any other person but only we are the sufferer of those physical or mental disorders.

Therefore this is evident enough to tell and make understand that excessive of patience can make a person patient.

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