Purity of Soul and purity of heart is the main essence of life. The clarity furthermore purity of ourselves, should be so to a great extent effective, that if some impurity whether in the form of thoughts of some personality or the impurity whether, in the environment, if hits to us should automatically, turn itself into purity due to the transparency or else cleanliness moreover simplicity of ourselves.

At this juncture it should be taken into consideration that, if the negative thoughts and impurity does not turn into purity, than it would change the direction itself as well as opt to take the other line of track, than the path on which our heart and soul is going.

Since it is a well known fact, that in the company or association of personnel of pure heart in addition to pure soul, the individual having negative vibes along with thoughts, itself changes into positive thinking, or opts to go in the company of the category, which suits their phenomena’s.

At the same time, as it is very necessary furthermore imperative to maintain the feeling of brotherhood along with humanity, as in order to change the way of thinking for the reason, that as we are in our thoughts and persona, in the same way, the next and future generation is going to inherit the ways of thinking, also the way of living, along with enjoying the life to the maximum level for which almighty has send us on this mother earth.

Until the end of time, try to be calm and cool, having the thought in the internal conscious with the intention that I’m working and trying out my best. If this motto is been stamped into the deep heart and seeing the things in addition to life with this procedure, than surely, the work we had taken in our hand will go in the way, as we had desired in our subconscious.

It is for sure, that in previous or during accomplishing our assignment, if we reach to the conclusion of result or the outcome, than it is for sure, the working will lead towards the way as we had coded our subconscious mind, and off course, no doubt the result would be that which we had determined.

Here it is noticeable that, if for the result we had coded as impossible, than the way of working would automatically go in the same way, furthermore if the result we had coded as possible, than it is for sure that there would not be any negativity in the acts or working and no doubt, the outcome or result would be as the way we want, making us to emerge out as the winner!  

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