Pride is the only ornament which our heart wears!

We should not permit anybody to act ‘shabby’ with us; Pride is the only ornament which our heart wears! By allowing anybody to intervene in our personal affairs portrays that we are of weak willpower or in modern words we are silly and off course we cannot deceive our heart by depriving it to wear the ornament of his choice.

For maintaining our pride, we have to be Fierce. But for being ‘Fierce’, we don’t have to be Blunt, Arrogant, Dreadful and Stubborn. Our ‘Virtues’, ‘Morals’ and ‘Courage’ are sufficient enough to make us FIERCE. So we should always fiercely with pride demand for our ‘Rights’ and also act ’Fierce’ with those who deprive us from getting our rights.

Some people derive sadistic pleasure by doing tattle and shabby acts and cocky works. If any such person any time tries to put us down and hurt our Self Respect i.e. Pride, or intentionally deceives us, make fool of our views and works and deflect us from our principles, than never hesitate to give a big kick on such person’s butts.

The word ‘BRAVE’ is also being helpful to sustain our Pride, and the word brave may be described in many forms,but it can also be interpreted for a person who is: –                                                                                         

(1) Brilliant and bright (2) Romantic and ruler (3) Ambitious also amicable (4) Virtuous and vivacious (5) Enthusiast blending ethics

But always remember Pride and Proud are not the same words and cannot be associated together. The word Proud gives the impression of the person as stubborn, stern or the person with boastful and dreadful behavior always keeping himself on the upper hand and if any other person not ready to accept his atrocious behavior than acting revengeful. Positivity lacks from proud person.

As we born daily reincarnate daily, change daily but we die only once! After our demise we should not remembered as a faggot or coward. The remembrance of a person can also be the one who had lived life fiercely in a human way with pride and dignity. As we are born fighters, but with the fighting spirit to love and live life to the maximum.

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