During in our ordinary course of behavior, by and large we consider our duty to encourage and to inculcate our children to present themselves as always to be BOLD everywhere and with every person they come in acquaintance.

Over and over again when we become aware of so as to if our child had been ragged or bullied by some cluster of notorious children or may be any other mischievous creature, than it is obvious of us because of being parents at once in a spark suppose our duty to yell at our child as for so easily being a prey and victim of some bunch of rascals.

Further as a precaution our child might not be gets maltreated for a second time again, we encourage and institute our child to countenance that gang of goons now in a very BOLD line of attack.

Agreed, off course all this is our very personal matter and it should not be an issue to be discussed or given a serious thought. Our specially, what so ever act should not be questioned in the least manner neither do we find any need to give justifications to any other person regardless of whom so ever it may be.

 As for our apprehension revealed and our advice- ‘always to countenance those gang of goons in a very BOLD way’ given to our beloved child, for that we can state that we know better for our child welfare and we do not entertain any outsider’s suggestion to tell us that as how we need to prepare our child to handle the notorious and shabby children in the very BOLD way at any cost.

There is no disbelief, we are absolutely right in our way of thinking, but however at any instance, did we ever had given the sober consideration that the advice given by us to our child as always to be very BOLD generally does not deem to fit in a proper form in this present’s modern and to a large extent very extra mechanical and materialistic world or we can state as much more in the contemporary society.

By and large by no means temporarily we may be thinking in our frame of mind in any form, that today presently when our beloved children are small, we can protect them and make them of BOLD character. But what will happen next when our child will be going out of our shadow and getting exposed to the entire outside world?

That world rather than the homely atmosphere can be in the form of- going away to hostel, leaving for training, departing abroad for further studies, may possibly be working as the subordinate under some individual or concern otherwise perhaps running own business.

Exactly we can state that the further exposure to this outside world other than the present homely world, can be in any form also might be excessively too big enough to described here by just giving few examples.

Now here the big question arises that- How and to what extent, our child will be able to show a relationship in the BOLD way in the main all along with the self-centered, egocentric and self-interested people who normally would come into his frequent acquaintance a number of times?

Here it is very important for us to understand and habituate, that nowadays, it is a frequent tendency which has been mostly followed by our modern youngsters to let down the brand new and offbeat person in a very snobbish manner along with the association of the rudeness and the attitude.

It would be somewhat enlightening for us to discover that this phenomenon in a common has been instituted and planted in to the deep heart of today’s modern generation off course by themselves only.

In general, when they are applying this formula or playing pranks, with the freshers, these guys do not find any harm in it. Instead when questioned by any authority person, moreover they cover their ridiculous perform as much more calling it a sporting spirit.

Here at this juncture, the most and very important point to be understand by us is, while making the character of our child from the initial stage only, as one who is BOLD or inspire and instruct our children always to be BOLD, than why not with that, the inspiration and instruction is into addition and majorly accompanied with the advice to make our child WISE.

Undoubtedly it is an exceptionally widespread and acceptable actuality that most of the times and at many occasions, a WISE person with his WISDOM accompanying various tricks, mostly or in general many a times gets his work done and there is no need for the wise person to behave BOLD or had to display the muscle power, as because without it only the work had got accomplished.

It had been seen that by and large BOLD behavior along with rashness gives domino effect not as per set norms in the work allocated and also BOLD attitude instead of becoming the person’s special characteristic, becomes the set back point in the personality of the individual.

Therefore the genuine recommendation unquestionably would to make our children BOLD with the blend of them being WISE enough, so that in any adverse situation, they can very well handle out the circumstance with there wits and fancies only instead of stand-in miserable condition and tighten their jaws in agony.

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