Usually numerous a times the word Perfect coupled with Perfection is in attendance in our subconscious mind thoroughly. Consequently in general when accomplishing our any mission or transmission of any work to our subordinate, we look forward every time to be perfect all along with the perfection.

Off course when prior to achievement of any work, we had reached and concluded in our subconscious mind for the perfect result and when after the accomplishment of the set mission moreover by us or our subordinate, we do not find the perfection in it as presumed by us, we get upset and irritated.

Generally, as taking it and thinking in a detail way, it is not our fault of behaving in that way. It is a very common human character, since we had set our mind in prior like the way we presume and desire for the result and while in the progression of achieving our mission either by us or any concerned person, we go minute in our way and start scrutinize every act and get over cautious.

Obviously the result obtained gets tort and disfigured as of our obsession for perfection. This is enough to make us feel wretched and doomed to failure, along with putting ourselves in continuous worry and making our entire day horrendous.

Nevertheless why not we keep in our mentality to facilitate, that there is a very sound considered actuality so as to ‘No One Is Perfect and Always To Error is Human’, as for the grounds that we are human beings, so we and our assistants cannot be probably perfect every time and might not the result and response come in the way as presumed by us in our subconscious mind.

Therefore instead of getting frazzled and give our assignment the impression of looking artificial and mash due to over perfection, as an alternative why not let it get accomplished in the natural manner and place down a little imperfect loophole in it, so subsequently by the way the probability of improvement is left remaining for us or headed for our associates.

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