Coins- The important finding of the ‘Human Civilization’-Part 2 (India)

                      Gupta Period

Gupta Coin
Coin of Chandra Gupta 1s
Coin of Samudra Gupta
Coin of Chandra Gupta 2
Gold coin of Kumaragupta
Coin of Skanda Gupta
Coin of Budha Gupta
Coin of Chandra Gupta 3rd
Coin of Prakasaditya
Coin of Puru Gupta
Coin of Narasimha Gupta

During the beginning of 4th century, the new dynasty came in to existence naming ‘Gupta Dynasty’, the reign of the kings of ‘Gupta Dynasty’ is known as the ‘Golden Era’ of the Indian history. The main kings belonging to ‘Gupta Dynasty’ were ‘Chandra Gupta 1st’,’Samudra Gupta’, ‘Chandra Gupta 2nd ‘,’Kumar Gupta’,’Skanda Gupta’, ’Budha Gupta’ followed by ‘Chandra Gupta 3rd’ , ‘Prakasaditya’, ‘Vainya Gupta’, ‘Narasimha Gupta’, ‘Kumar Gupta 3rd’ and ‘Vishnu Gupta’.

The kings belonging to this dynasty mainly circulated the coins in gold. They issued gold coins so profusely that a contemporary poet has allegorically termed the phenomenon a “Rain of gold”. The coins stroked by the kings of ‘Gupta Dynasty’ were very well designed and were class of beauty in themselves. They were quite original in their contents and are of artistic excellence in their appearance. The coins use to bear some ‘Figure’ on one side and usually ‘Devi Lakshmi’ on the other side. Also in one type King and Queen are portrayed. Usually these types of coins are circulated by ‘Chandra Gupta’, ’Kumar Gupta’ and ‘Skanda Gupta’. In the coins circulated by king ’Samudra Gupta’, and ‘Kumar Gupta’ the king is shown seated on the couch playing the ‘Veena’. In some coins the portrait of king holding a ‘Bow’ in left hand and ‘Arrow’ in his right hand or king hunting wild animals is portrayed.

Coins of Hunnas

The reign of the kings of ‘Gupta Dynasty’ was on its peaks till 5th century but during the middle of 5th century to 6th century due to the invasion of ‘Hunnas’ and weak successors it started fading.

Coin of Ram Gupta

From Malwa i.e. modern Madhya Pradesh, a large number of tiny copper coins have came to light in recent years bearing the name of King ‘Ram Gupta’. As per to some historians ‘Ram Gupta’ was the elder brother of ‘Chandra Gupta 2nd ‘ and the first husband of the queen ‘Dhruva Devi’. These coins might belong to him; but some scholars are hesitant in accepting this theory. These coins are known in several varieties- a lion seated to left, a lion standing to right, a Garuda with spread wings, a vase with or without a creeper, etc.                                                    

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