Feel a wobble-free breath, a stress free state of mind

In this modern world of science and technology, life is getting very frenzied and weary. There is no time left with the individual for his family and near ones and also for himself to take a sigh of relief. Otherwise may be having a contemplation to get off from his daily routine.

For lots of times, just to convince himself fallaciously, the individual believes in his heart that he is having all materialistic possessions and he together with his family are in comfort zone. Therefore, obviously when whole family is driving pleasure from the worldly comforts than there is no need to live in any confusion or delirium.

However but had we ever given thought in our mind and felt deeply in our heart that just material things or comfort alone does not make our mind and our body feel comfortable?

We may be having a good bed to sleep on, but unable to sleep because of insomnia or worry which is affecting our subconscious mind every- time. We may be having all worldly pleasures, but we are not having a feeling of contentment in our soul and always a sense of ourselves being incomplete is worrying our heart.

That all is because in our mind we had very well planted the thought that let all the tension and worry to be with ourselves only and let us make our family members and near ones hassle free. Without being considerate enough to be aware of the fact that we are not here to get frazzled out, we are not here to agonize, we not here to feel wretched, we are not here to be a boaster or we are not here to get aggravated and irritate further persons.

Instead, we have to perceive and feel a wobble-free breathing, a stress free state of mind , a bug-free body, an ego-less heart and many much more never ending things like that. Constantly and ever take care to make out that contentment and cheerfulness is always instituted in us i.e. within our heart and soul only.

The existence of us on this earth is like a mystery. Living and solving the mystery of life thoroughly is pleasure. Becoming the part of mystery is delightful. Enjoy being the mystery!

Benefit from the waves of up and down in life, Obtain pleasure from the food we are eating, Feel the warmth of our near and dear ones, Acquire pleasure on laughing loud on our silly acts, Get the opportunity to get drenched or boogie in the drizzle, Watch the innocent smile of an child, Also not at all get shilly-shally to sing aloud despite the nodes getting shrill or shriek.

 At whatever time, if the life is felt in this framework, clarity and purity start intensifying in our brainpower and as a result our existence and personality get improves and enhanced.                             

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