There are two opposite words, High and Low. Conspicuously, aforementioned signifies for the elite class, and latter unquestionably sounding as its own name i.e. near to the ground.

Now the big question arises that, what is the sense of discussing about these two common words, as frequently they are been used in our day to day life? High means high and Low means low, what is new in these two ordinary words.

Yes! At this instant let us take the word High. Now the high forms of High can be Higher and Highest, i.e. if we put them in the proper order than primary comes Highest, than comes Higher and latter undoubtedly comes the word High.

Now let us have a glance on the word Low. Here we see that, primary comes the word Low, than comes the word Lower and last of all the word comes Lowest, i.e. here the format had changed and the word Low come first, after it come Lower and last but not least is followed by the word Lowest.

Let us now be experimental, and furthermore put all these words in the ascending order, i.e. Lowest, Lower, Low, High, Higher and finally Highest. Here we can observe an interesting thing, that from the word Low, there are 3 grades to raise i.e. High, Higher and Highest. If we see towards the word High, than there are only 2 grades to raise i.e. Higher and Highest.

Now at this juncture, let us think in much more a wider way that, from the word Low, there are three steps to rise, that are High, Higher and Highest!, and off-course only two steps two fall, they are- Lower and Lowest!

Let us be more generous now and see that, from the word High, there are only two steps to go up, and they are Higher and Highest!, but now here comes the turning point that, there are three steps to go down, last but not least, those three steps are- Low, Lower and Lowest!

Now it is very clear, that when we are on the Low hand, the chances to grow up are more and to go down are less, and when we are at the High position, than there are only two more steps to climb, and they are Higher and Highest, but the downfall is of three steps i.e. Low. Lower and Lowest.

Now, here the choice is entirely to us, that in what way we want to keep our profile, High or Low.

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