Exactly, in an ordinary manner there are two common words SELFLESSNESS AND SELFISHNESS, but these two words contain a bundle of sense concealed in them. If in a foremost momentary look, than we discover that presently the word SELFLESSNESS as being a indication for ‘GIVING’ and the word SELFISHNESS point towards for ‘POSSESSION’.

However when we distinguish in a greater and cavernous way, than we find so as to there is an immense in addition to batch of sense treasured in these two ordinary words. These two simple words SELFLESSNESS AND SELFISHNESS, surrounds in addition to consist an immeasurable significance obscured beneath them.

The word SELFLESSNESS point towards for giving, nevertheless it is governed totally furthermore wholly by heart and soul. There is no self interest or otherwise we can say that a sense of possession is present there. Here the thought of generosity along with openhandedness is not at all directed by mind. It is in every respect conducted by the inner heart and inner soul.

At this time in the procedure of SELFLESSNESS, it is not considered or given a least thought or even there is the intention that whether what we receiving as a recompense?  

At this juncture the feeling of getting back does not comes to heart or even strikes in any manner, furthermore only the feeling of giving as well as giving more whole heartedly is present in a absolute behavior.

LORD JESUS CHRIST purely and simply gave through his heart whatever he possessed. There was not a feeling of SELFISHNESS present in him in any form, only the purpose as well as feeling present was SELFLESSNESS. He thoroughly worked or we can say furthermore dedicated himself entirely for humanity along with humankind. He is completely to a great extent far away from all comparisons nevertheless he is a model or we can declare perfect ideal to us as for being complete human being in addition to a pure soul with SELFLESSNESS.

Now in this process, the second word SELFISHNESS comes in the practice. In this word Self interest is the major essence behind this word. This word SELFISHNESS mainly point towards for control or else possession. This word is thoroughly ruled and directed by mind.

Here in the functioning of this word SELFISHNESS, it is expected or we can say presumed that what we will get in recompense if we are doing any favor or effort for any whosoever may be the individual. Here the sentiments or else emotions are not counted or we can state otherwise given a least thought.

That is because in this superfluous impassive additionally to materialistic human race, furthermore, in the progression of constructing his own very personal individuality, human being has to surrender himself in the direction of frequent circumstances whether all the way through self willpower or against his will. Side by side he has to survive throughout countless superfluous on top to the unsympathetic conditions. It is also extraordinarily assertive for the human being to originate his personal individuality and continue to exist in the company of self-righteousness.

For lots of times, just to encourage himself fallaciously, the individual as being totally selfish wrongly suppose in his heart that he is acquiring all materialistic possessions, so he does not have to consider for the other persons emotions and any of the sentiments. He believes in a profound way in his heart that he has to get his work accomplished, and if by chance he will get involve in a concerned persons problems and emotions, than his bossy attitude will lessen down. So therefore obviously Selfishness subside the Humanity.

However, but had we ever given consideration in our mind and felt intensely in our spirit that just material things or comfort alone does not make our mind and our body feel comfortable?

The existence of us on this earth is like a mystery. Living and solving the mystery of life comprehensively is contentment. Becoming the element of mystery is delightful and wonderful. Obtain pleasure from being the mystery!

Always explore out benefit from the influence of changes in life, make an effort to achieve pleasure from the food we are eating, sense the kindheartedness of our near and dear ones, achieve pleasure on laughing loud on our childish acts, Get the chance to get dripping wet or dance in the light rain, gaze at the naive smile of an child, Also not at all get hem and haw to chant loudly in spite of the nodules getting trill or screech.

At whatever time, if the life is felt in this framework, clarity and purity start intensifying in our brainpower and as a result our existence and personality get improves and enhanced. And of course undoubtedly we will see that the feeling of Selfishness starts getting diminishing and the pure thoughts of Selflessness start gets intensifying in our body and soul.

For that very important basis, try to get nearer and choose the genuineness; bring together the feeling of brotherhood, openhandedness, and pragmatism. Know-how as well as observe the genuine world with the heart filled with the sense of Selflessness and try to always stay away from the mind that is been guided by Selfishness. The sensitivity of contentment along with completeness will automatically get incurred and intensify in the heart and soul.

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